You can use the Free text box OR the formatted input  Family AND Genus AND Species AND Variety AND Author

The Free text box is usefull if you want to enter the complete name of the shell you are looking for.
If you use the Free text box please do not enter Family: typical input is made by GENUS SPECIES and, optionally, VARIETY and AUTHOR
some special words like FREAK, AFF., VAR, (f), CF., ALBINO, DWARF, SUBFOSSIL, BARGAIN, RARE, etc. are automatically removed
wildcards are always accepted (use *); if you omit Variety the system will retrieve all variety/form
if you enter GENUS SPECIES and the system does not find the shell it will try to find GENUS VARIETY and viceversa
i.e. Adelomelon barattinii will return Adelomelon ancilla barattinii and Acanthochitona adansoni will return Acanthochitona crinita adansoni
spelling variations are automatically performed (Vokesimurex rubidus will retrieve Vokesimurex rubidum);
if you want to extract all the shells described by an Author just enter the Author's name;  if you want to extract all the shells described during 2007 simply enter 2007 in the Author box.

Please note that Variety means any child of the main Species: the system does not make distinction between Subspecies, Variety or Form.

Free text:

Family   :   Genus :

Species : Variety :

Author : Case sensitive

Only extract species with thumbnails Avoid searching on synonyms

You can also perform a geographic search applied to ALL Families:

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Author: Claudio Galli - last updated: 07/07/2013